Goatspeed shop

I am a bicycle mechanic and I am a cycling enthusiast, as many others of you out there.

My goal is to live of my passion and offer the best, precise, efficient, and honest service possible.

I am passionate about cycling and I always look for some beautiful frame, component or interesting items out there. I started this experience buying components, trying, upgrading, going out and cycling, building bikes which were not out there, where the market is not going because too scared.

I think: “we should tell the market what we like and what we want”.

For more information check my facebook page:







So I build, try different combinations, different colors, different size of tyres and different geometries on frames which were designed for something else.

I change the rules of what we can achieve building bikes, listen to suggestions and offer mine.I am sure that you’ll find some of my items truly amazing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any question or comment you might have.


Niner Magic Carper 29er

It can’t get any better than this when we speak about Steelisreal, have a look:

Colnago Dream Soft Paint Art Decor Columbus Aluminium – custom colours – rare

Last night I dreamt!


Sold in United Kingdom!



Cinelli Proxima Trophy – Columbus Thron tubes


Still available!


Scott Genius 740 full suspension size M year 2016

Scott Genius

Sold in Estonia!

 Ragley Piglet 18 steel disc MTB 26″ wheel


Sold in Hungary!

Funkedup bicycle – New single speed bike

size S – M 18″ / 46cm

IMG_20170328_140656Sold in Estonia!


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